Service Tips

1. Inform our operations office of any specific pick-up or delivery time requirements you may have.
2. Specify the type of service you would like when you call. We offer standard service and rush services to cater for your urgency of your request. Confirm with the operations office if standard service will meet your deadline and he will advice on the service package that will meet your time requirements.Label your packages completely - address, company name, room number and recipient's name.
3. For pick-ups outside your office, give us complete information - the person's full name, room number and phone extension.
4. If possible, please place your orders before 5:00 P.M
5. Confirm that someone will be at the delivery destination to receive your package, (especially for evening and holiday deliveries).
6. For packages or very large items, tell our operations office the size and weight we know whether to send a bike, car, van or truck.
7. We do not deliver illegal or hazardous materials

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